Quarterly Business Index

The MPV Quarterly Index is a regular FREE survey due to start in January 2009. It will be distributed to veterinarians on a regular quarterly basis immediately following the BAS quarters stipulated by the ATO to determine the general sentiment of the veterinary industry.

What is the purpose of the survey?

This survey is of a general nature to assess the general nature and direction of the veterinary industry. This will serve to keep veterinarians up to date about the general industry position and sentiment especially in relation to how our industry compares to the global economy and economic conditions.

The questions in this survey may vary from quarter to quarter. They will include a number of financial questions but will predominantly be asking veterinary owners and managers about trends for both the past and the future of the industry.


MPV Consulting recognises that both the integrity of MPV Consulting and the ongoing participation of veterinary practices are totally dependant on the maintenance of strict rules about data confidentiality.

All surveys performed by MPV Consulting come with an assurance of confidentiality for individual clinic data. Individual clinic data will only be viewed by MPV Consulting staff or persons directly associated in the actual physical act of data collation for survey results. No information of any individual clinic will be supplied to any source other than the specified contact for each clinic. Should any survey involve sponsors or supporters, this will not, and will never, include any form of access to any individual clinic information without written permission of that clinic.


Current Surveys 2020

BBVet YOUR Portal: is a FREE  private portal where practice owner & managers can access everything to do with their clinic PRIVATELY. This includes survey downloads, uploads, results (both current & historical) and much more. If your clinic does not currently have access to this private portal or you have lost it please contact MPV Consulting:
Email: rob@mpvconsulting.com.au
Phone: 07 3040 6227

Employee Hourly Rate Survey 2020
 A truly worthwhile survey!
Completed but still ready for more!

The MPV Employee Hourly Rate Survey is our second most popular survey. Our goal is to help YOU to understand what is fair and reasonable pay for your staff!
The reality is that the veterinary industry is reasonably small and there is significant communication between members of the profession. Your staff are probably more likely to talk about their pay situations to their colleagues than to you.The biggest advantage is that this survey allows you as an employer to know what the market is paying before you enter into negotiations with staff regarding their wages.
 "It would help my staff appraisals knowing what other practices pay their staff!" Could be you!

You can still participate - Contact Us

Fees Survey 2020
One of our most popular and valuable survey!
Survey Completed
As one of our regular survey users said:
"I just don't understand why everyone does not participate in the Fees Survey, Fees are so crucial to practice performance. It is a no brainer!"

You can still participate - Contact Us
Survey Closes: Now closed

This survey will open 1st November 2020
If you want to know what represents good profit, know what you as a partner or business owner should be earning, know where you are going right or wrong, then this is the survey for you! You will truly learn where you stand in the big picture along with the tools to identify where changes are required.
"In my opinion this is the most important and valuable survey we offer!"
Rob White

(Available any time)
Need to find out what your veterinary practice is worth?
Maybe it is time to perform an MPV Practice Appraisal on your business!

Every practice should know what their practice is worth. If it is worth as much as you think then that is a good outcome. If it is not worth as much as you think then it is time to do something about it! How would you know unless you get an independent such as MPV Consulting to calculate the value for you.
Click here: To download Appraisal application form
Price update:  the MPV Self-Evaluation Appraisal price is $1950.00 inclusive of gst.