Our Director

Rob White is the sole Director of MPV Consulting. It has been Rob’s aim to improve the standard of management in veterinary practices and has successfully been a heavy influence in what has developed for day to day practice management changes over the past 20 years.

Whilst practice management software is an important tool of management, there is a growing trend for veterinarians to depend more heavily of practice management software to “do their management for them”.

The fundamentals of good business management start with the practice owners and managers who in turn make proper business strategy and directional decisions. He believes that owners and managers should be expanding their scope to use the ever widening variety of tools that are available to them to help them achieve their goals.

MPV Consulting has been set up to provide a broad range of business intelligence for practices. Benchmarking is a key aspect of this but certainly

Our Director's Resume

1976 – Graduated in Batchelor Veterinary Science – Sydney University

1981 – Lithgow Veterinary Hospital NSW – set up Lithgow Veterinary Hospital as a mixed practice. This practice grew in size and was sold as a 3 veterinarian practice in 1996

1991 – VetAid Veterinary Practice Management Software – was a co-founder of VetAid Practice Management Software and VetAid Pty Ltd. Rob took sole responsibility for the sales and marketing of the software with assistance in software capability design. By 1996 over 600 veterinary practices were using the software representing over 33% of all veterinary practices in Australia at the time.

1993 – VetAid Stationery Supplies (now Veterinary Stationery Supplies) – was the co-founder of VetAid Stationery Supplies that was set up with the purpose of providing general and specialised stationery to the veterinary industry. VSS is now the major supplier of stationery products to the veterinary industry in Australia.

1998 – Visual VetAid Veterinary Practice Management Software – VetAid Pty Ltd released Visual VetAid Software as the most advanced veterinary software packages of the day. Rob’s tasks were to advise on features to be used in the software and be solely responsible for sales and marketing of the software.

1999 – Visual VetAid UK – in 1999 Rob moved to the United Kingdom for 18 months to establish the UK office for Visual VetAid. This was the first step of the company to become a truly international software package. After RxWorks was formed as the new company he remained in the UK to ensure the product was well established prior to returning to market the Australian office.

2001 – RxWorks – was a co-founder and current shareholder in RxWorks. In that year he returned from the UK to become General Manager of the Asia Pacific arm of the company. During the period RxWorks became the dominant veterinary practice management software used in Australia and was also distributed in New Zealand, Holland, UK and Asia.

2004 – MyPetsVet Bald Hills – in 2004 he chose to leave RxWorks and took over a veterinary practice that had remained financially stagnant for the previous 3 years. Rob always had the belief that veterinary practice in general had poor marketing technique. By using recognised business marketing techniques and re-branding the practice, within 12 months the client numbers had increased by 40% and monthly turnover had increased by over 100%

2005 – Master Business Administration – began an MBA course majoring in marketing with the purpose of further expanding knowledge on marketing and applying it to veterinary practice.

2005 – MPV Consulting – Rob created a commercial organisation with the primary purpose of introducing true business and marketing technique to veterinary practices. This has been in the form of direct help to practices, educational lectures and groups and use of other tools to keep veterinary practices both aware and informed of marketing methods.

2008 – MyPetsVet Bald Hills – by 2008 Rob had achieved what he set out to do with his veterinary practice. It has sustained for the first 3 years an annual compounding growth rate for the practice of 29.95% in a densely veterinary populated area of Brisbane. This was achieved using the business principles which he believes in so strongly. Whilst Rob expects the practice to keep growing he does not expect the level of growth to remain quite so high.

2008 – MPV Consulting – the company is a well established consultancy company within the veterinary industry. Over 950 practices Australia-wide have utilised services offered by the company since its inception. MPV Consulting now provides multiple survey opportunities for practice owners, delivers educational seminars, provides a lower cost practice self-evaluation appraisal service, provides management and marketing advice and provides newsletter to veterinarians Australia-wide on business related topics. MPV Consulting has extensive plans for future service development.


Current Surveys 2020

BBVet YOUR Portal: is a FREE  private portal where practice owner & managers can access everything to do with their clinic PRIVATELY. This includes survey downloads, uploads, results (both current & historical) and much more. If your clinic does not currently have access to this private portal or you have lost it please contact MPV Consulting:
Email: rob@mpvconsulting.com.au
Phone: 07 3040 6227

Employee Hourly Rate Survey 2020
 A truly worthwhile survey!
Completed but still ready for more!

The MPV Employee Hourly Rate Survey is our second most popular survey. Our goal is to help YOU to understand what is fair and reasonable pay for your staff!
The reality is that the veterinary industry is reasonably small and there is significant communication between members of the profession. Your staff are probably more likely to talk about their pay situations to their colleagues than to you.The biggest advantage is that this survey allows you as an employer to know what the market is paying before you enter into negotiations with staff regarding their wages.
 "It would help my staff appraisals knowing what other practices pay their staff!" Could be you!

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Fees Survey 2020
One of our most popular and valuable survey!
Survey Completed
As one of our regular survey users said:
"I just don't understand why everyone does not participate in the Fees Survey, Fees are so crucial to practice performance. It is a no brainer!"

You can still participate - Contact Us
Survey Closes: Now closed

This survey will open 1st November 2020
If you want to know what represents good profit, know what you as a partner or business owner should be earning, know where you are going right or wrong, then this is the survey for you! You will truly learn where you stand in the big picture along with the tools to identify where changes are required.
"In my opinion this is the most important and valuable survey we offer!"
Rob White

(Available any time)
Need to find out what your veterinary practice is worth?
Maybe it is time to perform an MPV Practice Appraisal on your business!

Every practice should know what their practice is worth. If it is worth as much as you think then that is a good outcome. If it is not worth as much as you think then it is time to do something about it! How would you know unless you get an independent such as MPV Consulting to calculate the value for you.
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Price update:  the MPV Self-Evaluation Appraisal price is $1950.00 inclusive of gst.